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IB – Intelligent Business is a platform for smart products that encourage digitization and environmental protection. The digital flyer and the IB CARD digital business card are innovative user tools for sales, online promotion and information.

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IB Card

– No. 1 Croatian Business card – 
Forget about paper business cards.
Share all information with one tap.

Digitalni letak

Digital Flyer is a modern user tool that serves for sales, online promotion and information.


– digital review booster –
One tap away from 5 star review to upgrade your online presence

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You are an animal lover and you care that they never get lost. We will bring a solution soon.

Our clients love our products 👏

IB Card Digital business card is a great product, easy and fun to use. Bojan and his team do a great job. I have organized several events with them, such as presentations and summits, and they are reliable partners.
Davor Bilman
BSB Events d.o.o.
Excellent product, we changed classic business cards to digital ones, and the product added value to our business.

Zoran juric
Pohit d.o.o.
Fantastic card for collaboration, contact sharing, lead management. Advanced technology which foes beyond only digital business card but offers CRM solution as well. Last card I'll ever need.

Ozren Kronja
The IB team is really great, they solve queries very quickly and are always happy to help. The card is very easy to use.

Valnea Novoselec
Poslovna inteligencija d.o.o.
He is very customer oriented, he follows customers very well. And yes, a great idea translated into a great product and service. Really great!

Nijaz Dizdarević
The best networking card on the market.

Dino Kečević

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We tried this very cool digital business card and we love it

The business card has always been an important part of business communication, because presenting us, what we or our company do, is not an easy task at all…

*Article in Croatian laguage
Forget about paper business cards. Share all information with one tap

After years of experience, each in his own field, we decided to invest knowledge, time and effort in a new way of communicating…

*Article in Croatian laguage
IB – Intelligent Business: Meet the young team of people whose goal is digitalization and environmental preservation

After years of experience in different industries, we decided to invest our knowledge, time and effort in innovative products that speed up communication processes and encourage digitization…

*Article in Croatian laguage

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